Smart Thermostats

Smart Controls are a great upgrade for anyone that wants or needs the ability to be able to control their heating remotely.  Resolve Gas Services have been installing Smart thermostats Liverpool, Wirral & Merseyside for a few years now and we absolutely love them!

Smart thermostats are the latest trend in home heating. Smart Thermostats Liverpool can switch your heating on or off remotely via the internet – so you can use your smart phone to turn your heating on when you’re on your way back from work, or off when you pop out unexpectedly.



Tado is a market leader in the smart controls field and they claim that they can save you up to 31% per year in energy bills which is great when you consider that the vast majority of our energy costs come from heating the home up over winter.

Here is some of the ways Smart Thermostats can save you money

  • you can switch your heating on when you are on your way home. So you’re not wasting energy and money on heating the home if you’re staying late at work, or if you decide to go out for the evening.
  • you can also switch your heating off if you forget to when you leave
  • some smart thermostats learn your daily routine and switch themselves on and off automatically
  • some smart thermostats encourage you to turn your heating down by a degree or two, as you’ll see exactly how much you can save
  • there are even smart thermostats that allow you to control individual rooms in your home, so you can heat only the rooms that you frequently use
  • so you don’t unintentionally end up heating your home on a warm day, some smart thermostats can adjust themselves depending on the weather
  • certain smart thermostats are GPS enabled meaning they can monitor when you leave the home and when you are returning, an example of this is Tado which automatically turns the heating on when you 3 km from home (if needed of cause!) – Which

We highly recommend that you give Smart thermostats some consideration when upgrading your heating system, the benefits are great, Resolve Gas Services based in Liverpool Centre will be happy to discuss, Call today on 0151 558 1999.