Health and Safety in the Home

Health and Safety in the home is Resolve Gas Services number one priority.  Not just when it comes to Gas Safety but also your safety and the safety of our Gas Fitters Liverpool.

We take great pride in making our customers aware that we are fully trained when it comes to Safeguarding in the home.  This could be a situation where one of our Gas Fitters Liverpool are required to complete a job in the home of a vulnerable customer.

Vulnerable customers can be an elderly customer who is suffering from dementia or a customer who needs support workers to help with their daily needs.

We are happy to arrange work through family members, friends or support workers. Our engineers do whatever is necessary to make you feel comfortable in your own home, they will treat you and your home with up most respect.

Each customer ALWAYS receives a telephone call from our Gas Fitters Liverpool to let them know we are on our way, They also wear Gas Safe Register Identification badges to prove they are who they say they are.

Resolve Gas Liverpool 0151 558 1999

Every time we visit your home Gas Safety is at the forefront of each of our Gas Fitters Liverpool‘s mind, this may be just a simple visual inspection of an appliance or where our engineer disconnects your appliance from the gas supply.  Please be aware that this is for YOUR safety and not because they are being fussy.  A second opinion is always welcomed.

Resolve Gas Services needs to be certain that when we leave your property we have left your appliances in a safe condition.  As a business we are inspected by the Gas Safe Inspector to make sure we are working safely and doing our job right.  We also work on behalf of leading National Gas companies who conduct Compliance audits on us as a business 2 times per year.  We also have rolling desktop audits which gives our business a risk score so that if our risk score goes up we are audited more.  Resolve Gas Services ‘risk score’ is very low and it will continue to be low!

We give you this information to give you confidence that we really do take pride in our work and work really hard to do the job correctly each time.

If you would like to speak to us further on the matter of Health and Safety in the home then do not hesitate to call us today on  0151 558 1999.