Gas Servicing

As a business Resolve Gas Services promotes boiler service Liverpool, Wirral and Merseyside.  Our Technical Repair Engineer says that the majority of boiler breakdown‘s we attend are directly related to poor maintenance and lack of servicing.

Having a reliable and dependable boiler to provide heating and hot water is essential, however, to achieve this it needs to be regularly inspected and tested to make sure all the components are working correctly.

Many people in the UK consider boiler servicing an unnecessary expense. In fact, a study conducted by uSwitch in 2013 revealed that 1 in 10 households (approx. 2 million homes in the UK) have never had their boiler serviced. However, if you miss out on your annual service, you could end up with a boiler that is dangerous, unreliable and expensive to run*.

Poorly maintained gas appliances are also at risk of producing Carbon Monoxide and should this leak or spill into the home could be lethal.

The benefits of regular servicing and inspection are much greater than neglecting an appliance, it should not come as a great shock that gas appliance’s are condemned or classed as beyond economical repair should they be poorly maintained.  The cost of servicing a gas appliance is extremely low compared to replacing the boiler.

With more than 13 years of experience and a team of highly trained and fully qualified engineers, you can rely on us to keep you boiler performing efficiently and safely all year round.  Call us today on 0151 558 1999 to speak to your local boiler service Liverpool expert.

Our boiler Service Liverpool Wirral prices start at a very reasonable £60 (excludes Back Boilers), we will always service the boiler as per manufacturers instructions and will give you a service record certificate and also sign any service logs should the be available on site.