Boiler Service in Liverpool

As we prepare for arrival of winter 2019/20, Resolve Energy Solutions Limited is using this time to remind Homeowners and Landlords of the importance of Annual boiler service in Liverpool.

If we can give one simple piece of advice it would be Preventative Maintenance is the key to a reliable, long lasting boiler.

Lack of Boiler Servicing in Liverpool?

It’s safe to say that once winter hits, the demand on your central heating boiler increases. We then start to see a sharp incline in the amount of people using our boiler repair Liverpool Service.

According to Uswitch, in 2016 alone, a whopping £787m was spent on unexpected boiler repair costs. One fifth (18%) of homes experienced at least one boiler breakdown, with an average repair bill of £270.

Our question to you would be, Would you be happy paying on average £270 for unexpected boiler repairs knowing that a Boiler Service Liverpool would cost as little as £60?

Resolve Energy Solutions champions boiler service in Liverpool because we see first hand the impact it has compared to boilers that do not get serviced. Its like chalk and cheese as they say.

Another worrying statistic is that new research carried out by the Gas Safe Register in July 2019 found that 27% of new homeowners believed re-decoration is more of a priority than the gas safety of an appliance or flue within the home (12%). A further 24% of us brits have admitted to never having our boiler serviced or have not had it serviced at regular intervals like the manufacturer recommends.

So what can be done?

Speak to any Heating Repair Engineer and they will generally tell you that most boiler boiler breakdowns could have been avoided if the appliance was serviced! Just like a car, a boiler requires servicing to keep it reliable, operating safely and energy efficient.

Important safety checks like measuring Carbon Monoxide levels or checking combustion seals condition are carried out during a service. However, other important procedures such as setting minimum burner pressures or recharging expansion vessels are carried out. It’s these latter procedures that really help maintain a boiler and keep it fault free.

Electronic faults such as Printed Circuit Board errors are not covered on an annual service. It is good practice however for Heating Engineers to electrically isolate an appliance and check over components on a circuit board such as relays.

For a premium boiler service Liverpool contact Resolve Gas Services 0n 0151 558 1999.

What is involved in a Boiler Service Liverpool?

Well it all starts with a phone call! Our fabulous engineers will call you to advise they are on their way, It’s a mandatory policy that we call ahead. Upon arrival we will park the van in safe area, not to block your’s or a neighbours driveway.

Top Tip – Gas Safe Checklist

  • Are you using a Gas Safe registered engineer to do gas work in your home?
  • Have you checked the front and back of their Gas Safe Register ID card?
  • Have you checked they are qualified to work on your gas appliance and if the qualification is in date?

Still unsure if they are qualified? Check the register here or simply call 0800 408 5500. Remember conmen or bogus engineers are extremely well trained to make you believe they are qualified to work on gas. Don’t take the chance, if you suspect they are not registered, check!! Genuine engineers do not mind being asked to prove their credentials, especially the ones with nothing to hide.

Our Gas Engineer Liverpool will ask if there has been any problems with the boiler before he/she starts work. Make them aware of any issues you know of. This is so important.

Boiler Service Procedure

Resolve Gas will protect your property with dust sheets before they commence with the boiler service Liverpool

  • A full inspection of the entire chimney structure
  • Inspection and, where necessary, cleaning of the burner, combustion chamber, any injectors and heat exchanger
  • Inspection of ignition devices i.e pilot lights and/or spark and flame sensing electrodes
  • Checking the integrity of all seals and gaskets
  • Ensure that any condensation traps and drains are free from debris
  • Testing the appliance in accordance with the manufacturers instructions to ensure;
    • The heat input and/or operating pressure are correct
    • The effectiveness of the flue
    • That all ventilation requirements are to current standards
    • The correct operation of all safety devices and that the boiler is safe for continuous use
  • A final combustion analysis and measurement against tolerances set by the manufacturer’s instructions
  • A test of all disturbed gas joints
  • Carry out a function test of heating and hot water
  • The servicing of a system filter (if there is already one in place)
  • Walk the system to check for leaks and bleed radiators (if customer allows this).

At this point we will leave you with the relevant paperwork and ask if we can be of any further assistance. Feel free to ask our engineers their opinions on energy efficiency or smart controls (such as Hive).

Want to know more then call us on 0151 558 1999.

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