Boiler Installation

With many years experience, Resolve Gas Services is the ideal boiler installers Liverpool to contact today. Customers are at the centre of everything we do.

Resolve Gas employ highly qualified and experienced boiler installers Liverpool which make us proud every single day. Resolve Gas currently contracts to a very large organisation, which proves we must be good at what we do!

We make the process of replacing your current boiler as easy as possible. Our Gas Engineer Liverpool will visit your property at time that suits you and discuss your needs and requirements. We then survey the installation and provide you with a custom quotation.

Bigger is not always better!

As boiler installers Liverpool we regularly meet customers who want the biggest boiler they can afford. Believing that this provides copious amounts of hot water and heats the radiators super quick! However this isn’t always the best strategy, it may also lead to more problems (see our blog on this topic). Our Liverpool Boiler Installation experts will size your new boiler correctly and explain the logic behind this.

As a result of surveying the installation we could possibly save you money, which in our eyes is win win! Call today to find out more 0151 558 1999

Which? Manufacturer

This is a great question! Each installer has their own favourite boiler to install. We are no different! For Resolve Gas Services it just comes down to one thing.. Reliability!

Once installed, our BOILER INSTALLERS LIVERPOOL will commission the boiler as per manufacturer instructions, they will then register the boiler for its warranty.

Feel free to do your own research.. head over to to see which boilers are better than others.

Because your Boiler Installers Liverpool have expertly fitted and commissioned the appliance we then expect it to run like a dream. Annual servicing then takes priority and this is so important. See our blog on this matter